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These are all specific CYW exclusive colourways, including our Christmas Specials - you can find these as an add on under the Christmas page, designed here at CYW HQ - items chosen in one of the specific colourway options will reflect the image shown as close as possible but as always, please be aware that tie dye is a unique process and each item will vary slightly. 

Reverse options can only be done on black items, if reverse dye isn't possible it will say so in the item description. . Reverse dye can vary and the brightness of each item will be unique every time.

Smoke colourways can be done with any of our custom colours as a base, with the smokey look dyed over the top. 

Rainbow colourways can come in any of the design options mentioned below, all other colourways are specific to the image shown here. Please note all rainbow colourways will come in swirl as standard unless otherwise mentioned in the custom designs box when ordering. 

Please choose any colours from these options. 

Please be aware of the colour wheel when choosing colours as some can mix together and make a muddy brown colour - for example orange and purple. Tie dye blends together very similarly to other dye and paint so bare this is mind when choosing colours. Depending on the items ordered, the colours can vary with fabric composition and base colours. 

Please note that these colours are swatch examples and the shades can vary from each product. 


Please choose one of the design options opposite - these are examples of designs not colours. You can choose any of the specific rainbow colourways in one of these designs or you can choose your own custom colours to have in any of these design options. 

Please note that watercolour is the most unpredictable of our designs, it is absolutely beautiful but if you are after specific colours I would advice avoiding watercolour as the ice used in this process can cause certain colours to split into many colours, particularly black and grey. 

Please note that tie dye is an art form and the beauty is that each item will be completely unique and although every effort is taken to make items as seen in the examples this is not 100% guaranteed.


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